HOOH is a place where users socialize with and about NFTs under plenty of scenarios.

It is a community with multiple categories of NFTs holding various meanings, which will keep evolving and be reinvented by the users.

How HOOH works

Cross chain & cross platform
NFT “Live Show”

Breakout from original circle to expand consensus and value

As celebrities presenting themselves other than their own professional fields, NFTs could also be re-used and re-created through many ways in HOOH that generate new consensus and new social circles.

Besides creating something original in HOOH, users are encouraged to curate others’ works under a new narrative or theme, then share profit generated by the curation with creators.

Create In 3 Seconds

Lower the barrier and pave the way for influx from web 2

Before we have a social network, we need to have as many people as possible to create intriguing contents, and to social together about their own creation. Therefore, we are trying every way to encourage creation. HOOH is a smart and handy tool to assist everyone to create in many ways and will receive incentives accordingly.

Let NFTs go viral and produce more value

More scenarios,
more fun and more incentives

Besides displayed and traded, NFTs in HOOH have multiple ways to use, play and socialize.
Join in and explore by yourself.

Template NFT and CC0 playground

New ways to earn royalties

Users could upload existing NFTs, no matter where they are originally from, to be templates in HOOH, and let others re-use it to express their own thoughts. The templates owners will receive continuous royalties from the uses, and boost them to go viral through repetitive exposures and engagements. This may also help to create official derivatives from the original forms.

NFT owners could even go further to release the “Creative Commons Zero” (CC0) to invite other users joining the re-creation playground which will naturally generate consensus and form their sub culture community.

Social Pin

Tokenize scarce social relations and unique social ID through a fun way with Fi‘s support

Scarce social relations are valuable, so as experienced and reputable social identities. Instead of shaking hands or giving a hug, you can exchange NFTs in HOOH. It is a proof of social network scarcity that builds up your own exclusive social circles and follower equity system. It could become negotiable assets as a user re-design and trade it. The value of your Social Pin may increase while your reputation and influence grow in HOOH. You could recreate your Social NFT repetitively according to the demand, and collecting Social Pin could produce a thriving NFT market.

Living SBT

Soulbond Token with meaningful information

Current SBTs cannot tell too much meaningful information about their holders, which cannot generate enough value to DAOs or projects, neither to their holders. They are dead SBTs.

In HOOH, there will be a living SBT that is dynamically recording a user’s accruing data in a form of an avatar, called Hermmon. It demonstrates reputation, participation, accomplishments, and all else that is valuable to present, which reveals in forms of body parts, outfits, gadgets etc.

The avatar itself, as a Soulbound Token, is non-transferable. However, outfits or gadgets could be traded. Hermmons could mutate through campaigns and activities. Users could even battle with them under deliberate design.

Stamp NFT

Collect your experiences and memories

Stamp NFTs record and extract important moments. Collect them as collecting mementos! These are memories of all kinds of activities and occasions that you might have been experienced unfolding your life paths. Besides collecting them, you can even issue your own, and distribute them to others sharing the same memory or being part of it.

There are also multiple new types of NFTs unlocking on the way. You may be the one holding the key!

Become an ever-growing ecosystem

Operate in self-consistency in a long run.

HOOH is an X to Earn community. All effort users make will receive incentives. Engagements users received will also produce continuous revenue. Meanwhile, there are plenty of places that cost their income to play, to build, and to invest.

HOOH Polis, Your Polis

Boosting Diversity for the Community

Everything mentioned in previous slides will naturally form a more comprehensive development of HOOH ecosystem, which make sense for the function that we will open in near future, the Polis. Users will be able to build their own Poleis as DAOs, enrolling their own citizens, curating creations in HOOH or outside NFTs based on their interests and sub-culture, issuing their own Stamps, organizing and operating their own social circle as a sub-culture community. And most importantly, collect their own revenue by issuing their own Polis Token. Polis tokens will be as stocks of the community and can be traded using HOOH native tokens.

* Coming soon…



Stage I - Q3 2022

HOOH Launch with Social Pin. This stage is to introduce HOOH to the first group of users to join the community and try out everything. Meanwhile applying basic pre-token revenue model (model before token issuing).

Stage II - Q4 2022

NFT Market will be open, and cross chain cross platform function will be unlocked. NFT are able to be traded in HOOH, and HOOH will be wide open to NFTs from outside. Curation will start. CC0 will also start to be adapted in HOOH.

Stage III - Q2 2023

Hermmon will start to generate. Users data will start to be demonstrated as SBTs, at the same time the SBT derivatives trading will open. Stamp channel will also open for groups and individuals.

Stage IV – Q3 2023

Polis will open to community and encourage sub-culture groups to acquire members under similar consensus and generate their own narrative, contents and culture, in order to issue their own token when ready. This stage will let group with consensus and value be prepared for HOOH token issue.

About Us

We are a group of people who are curious, innovative and passionate in developing a community of new age. We have been working with world-class corporations like Microsoft, Google, and Apple in creative design, marketing and community operation over 10 years. We are also experienced in designing and developing multi-million user social products with global marketing and operation.

We have been funded by NEAR, Metaweb, D1 Ventures, and an individual investor listed in top 100 Forbes World’s Billionaires. Based on their trust in our capacity and wonderful relationship with us, they are providing their support in different aspects in a long run.